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How to Listen Radio Maria

How To Listen to Radio Maria


Mon-Thurs 9 pm-11 pm
Sunday 10 am Holy Mass & 7pm-11pm

1230 AM WFAS
Sunday 8 am Holy Mass


You can listen us on: www.radiomaria.us or click one of the following icon bellow





WiFi Radio-


* Purchase radio.


Radio Maria is available through WiFi Radio.

In the United States Radio Maria can be heard in English, Spanish and Italian.

Radio Maria continues to grow and change lives by means of evangelization, prayers, music and family programming.The advances of technology have made Radio Maria even more accessible to its devout listeners. People can now listen to Radio Maria's programming at home through the Internet.

Radio Maria's introduction of the Internet Radio has proven very successful and will continue to be an effective tool for evangelization for years to come.

The HiDigit WiFi Internet Radio works by using any Broadband Cable or DSL Internet connection.

* Connect to Internet via router or WiFi Internet

*  Enjoy Radio Maria without monthly fees!

Mobile Applications

Also you can hear us downloading out our Mobile Applications


For Blackberry use Backberry App World, for Iphone use App Store, for Andrid use Google Play, and for Window Phone use Marketplace.

Radio Maria New York. ® 2012
21 Oliver Street, New York, NY 10038 / Phone: 212-233-8040
Website: www.radiomaria.us / E-mail: info.nye@radiomaria.us